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Thank you for considering our ministry.

Springbank Retreat is a 501(c)3 organization, tax ID 57-0373409


Ah, the call of this sacred place is mighty and far reaching.
We know this with great certainty! “ J.Worrall

Dear Friends of Springbank

Servant souls find their way to Springbank 
from nearby states, and countries & continents far away!  
For everyone
The quietude of the trails and paths await.
The strength of the great live oaks await. 
The soothing songs of this southern swamp and forest await. 
The safe surroundings in which to meditate, pray, reflect, heal 
and return to wholeness await.
As always
maintaining the gentle grandeur of these 80 acres 
and managing the upkeep of the aging buildings....  

The Heart and Soul of this undertaking is three-fold...
~ Our loving God continues to bless and affirm
the mission of Springbank;
~ the beloved and devoted Staff continues to serve
  wearing whatever hat is needed on a given day;
~ the generous support of donors continues to bless
  and uphold Springbank’s ever growing financial needs.  

As a Friend of Springbank 
you too play an integral part in the hope for Springbank's 
present and future stability. 
We are ever thankful for your ongoing generous support and prayers.  

Your contributions bless many!
You are in our prayerful thoughts each day,

Sisters Trina, Theresa, Barbara, 
Jim, Marce
and Springbank Board of Directors


November 2012

Dear Springbank Supporters:

What is the value of a friendship?
Can you put a price on it? 
We don't think you can. 

Your friendship and support of Springbank cannot be measured; 
neither can the lives of hundreds of searchers that are touched and changed 
when they come to these beautiful acres. 
What value do you put on freedom from addictions 
or a sense of spiritual unity with God's creation?

Walking the trails or the labyrinth or meditating under the thousand year old grandmother tree 
are freeing experiences, but they are not free. 
Fees for seminars, retreats and sabbaticals are kept at a minimum to encourage participation 
and inclusiveness. Our budget is modest but it is real, 
and the reality of our expenses is before us everyday as we plan for future programs and events.

If you have ever visited Springbank, you know its beauty and serenity. 
If you have never been, please write or call to arrange a visit. 
God has made us beautiful; the government has made us deductible; the economy has put us in need. 
Please send us what you can afford along with your prayers. (For parish priests/ministers. Please consider adding support for Springbank to your parish/congregation benevolence budget.) 
Perhaps you would wish to become a Springbank sustainer 
by arranging for us to deduct a monthly amount from your bank account or credit card.

Please know that your gifts and prayers are needed; 
you are always welcome to visit  us and see for yourselves how Springbank 
nourishes the mind, body and spirit and changes lives. 
We can continue only with your help and the grace of God.

The Sisters of Springbank


Springbank Retreat
1345 Springbank Road
Kingstree, SC 29556


Phone:  843-382-9777

Springbank Retreat

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