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.Cindy Barkei RN BSN 
Certified Healing Touch practitioner and Holistic Nurse who has practiced 
in the area of nursing within traditional medicine for more than 30 years 
and now integrates complementary/alternative healing into her nursing practice.

Eileen Blyth, Artist
                                                                 Columbia artist known for her paintings and sculptures of found objects.                                                             Originally from Charleston, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from                                                             the College of Charleston and studied design at The University of South                                                             Carolina. Eileen's work is represented by The Camilla Art Gallery in                                                             Hilton Head and Carolina Gallery in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In                                                             2013 Eileen was included on the One Columbia Public Art qualified                                                             artist roster. She was selected to create a permanenet installaton on the                                                             1400 block of Main Street in Columbia which was installed September,                                                             2014.

Betsy Bowman EdD

                                                Educator for 20 years, 25 years' experience, drug/alcohol recovery. Betsy has                                                 been mentored by Native elders on her spiritual journey and leads 12-Step                                                 retreats.

Martha Cole
Full-time textile artist whose machine-stitched and quilted 
works have been exhibited widely throughout Canada and 
the US for the last thirty years. Martha currently resides in 
a rural community in Saskatchewan and usually does 
abric works that relate to the natural.

Rev. Jim Conlon PhD

                                                                Former Director and Professor of spirituality, Holy Name                                                                 University, Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality, Oakland, CA.
                                                                Jim was presented the 2013 Thomas Berry Award by Mary Evelyn                                                                 Tucker, senior lecturer and senior research scholar at Yale University                                                                 and trustee of the Thomas Berry Foundation. This award was initiated                                                                 in 1999 to recognize those instrumental in carrying on the work and                                                                     legacy of Thomas Berry. This award honored Conlon’s more than                                                                        two decades of leadership as director of Holy Names University 
                                                               Sophia  Center. Visit Jim online at

Cerantha Corley
A Native-American-style flute player, writer and painter. 
Learning and playing the flute helped Cerantha regain 
her health following a virus attack on her heart. 
She shares the power of the flute wherever she can.

Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN

                                                        Barbara Fiand is a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur. She gives retreats,                                                         workshops and courses throughout the country and abroad on issues related                                                        to holistic spirituality, prayer, religious life, feminist spirituality,                                                                            transformation of consciousness, quantum spirituality, and the psychology                                                            and spirituality of human maturation. She is the author of ten books and                                                         numerous articles.

Dot Goodwin, Artist

                Full-time visual artist for twenty-five years, 
                member of the oldest studio/gallery in S.C. 
                and is the director of art for the downtown Camden Guild. 
               Dot facilitates monthly prayer circles and 
               carries the medicine of the drum.

Sr. Fran Grady, SCL

                                                                Sr. Fran is a member of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and is a                                                                 visual artist, retreat and spiritual director. She is presently Director of                                                                 Living Waters Retreat Center in Maggie Valley, NC.s

Marya Grathwohl OSF                                  
Marya holds a BA in English and Masters Degrees            
in Creation Spirituality and in Philosophy, Cosmology
 and Consciousness. She has been speaking, facilitating 
workshops, and giving retreats for over twenty –five years,
 and in 2001, she and Sr. Helen Prejean began co-presenting 
their seminar, “One Life: People and Earth.”

Richard B. Guess MEd
Executive Director of a community mental health center, 
a native South Carolinian with 25 years of experience 
in the field of human services. 
Being of Cherokee heritage, Richard brings a deep respect for all life. 

Esther Kennedy, OP, MSW

                                                                At the heart of Esther’s teaching is the belief that as we each engage                                                                 our own spiritual experience of the Divine and emabrace our inner                                                                 depths, we become more truly who we are and offer this wholesome                                                                 energy to the world with courage and love. She is nourished by the                                                                       interplay of the sacred teachings of Eastern and Western Traditions.                                                                 Esther, a Dominican Sister from Adrian, Michigan, recently retired as                                                                 Director of Spirit Mountain Retreat in Idyllwild, CA. She lives in                                                                 Adrian and offers spiritual direction and various retreats and ritual                                                                 gatherings at the Weber Retreat Center.

Miriam MacGillis OP 
Co-founder of Genesis Farm where she teaches and practices 
biodynamic methods of agriculture, which are in tune with the
 natural rhythms of Earth. Miriam teaches and coordinates 
programs on the work of Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology

Louise McCormick RN MSA

Co-founder and president of the McCormick Green 
Center for Holistic Therapies, is certified in herbal, 
aroma, cranio-sacral, and Thai massage therapies.

Kathy McGrogan MA

                                                            With a masters degree in counseling and an undergraduate degree in fine                                                             arts has been deeply interested in Native American spiritual practices and                                                             has led 12-Step Retreats for women and men for the past seven years.

 Diarmuid O'Murchu, 

                                                                A member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order, and a                                                                 graduate of Trinity College, Dublin Ireland, is a social                                                                 psychologist most of whose working life has been in                                                                 social ministry, as a couple's counsellor, in bereavement                                                                 work, AIDS-HIV counselling, and, in more recent times,                                                                 with homeless people and refugees. As a workshop leader                                                                 and group facilitator he has worked in Europe, USA,                                                                 Canada, Australia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Peru                                                                 and in several African countries, facilitating programmes                                                                 on Adult Faith Development. His best known books                                                                 include Quantum Theology (1996 - revised in 2004),                                                                 Ancestral Grace (2008), and others. He now lives in                                                                 Dublin, Ireland.

Pepper Sarnoff MA MS
Licensed professional marriage and family therapist, an educator, 
a facilitator for the Well-Springs program, and a founding member 
of Lifedance. Pepper brings her experience in the expressive arts 
and interactive creativity to groups she facilitates.

Sr. Joanne Schuster SFP, PhD

                                                                     Joanne is a Franciscan Sister of the Poor. After leaving her position                                                                     as President of the Franciscan Health System, she studied to be a                                                                     spiritual director. Joanne does Healing Touch and Healing of                                                                     Memories work.

Pam Smith, SSCM PhD

PhD in systematic theology with specialization in 
environmental ethics. Author of 10 books and 
articles on Biblical, ethical, and ecological themes.


Linda Szocik SSJ-TOSF
Family Nurse Practitioner and spiritual director 
who leads retreats on the contemplative art of basket-making.

Faye Townsend BA LMT
Licensed massage therapist, body-worker, founder and co-director of the Massage Therapy program in Florence, SC. Faye, with a background in music, has participated as a facilitator in the Well-Springs workshops over the last 12 years.

Christopher Marie Wagner OSF MFA

 Art Instructor for 30 years. Chris restores 
stained-glass windows  and is dedicated to 
the study of iconographin the Russian style

Springbank Team

Trina McCormick, OP, MFA   

                                                                Executive Director, artist, spiritual director, licensed massage                                                                 therapist. Trina has been committed to retreat work and native                                                                 spirituality and rituals for more than 30 years and has developed the                                                                 ecological initiative at Springbank. As Jim Conlon states,                                                                                    "Springbank is Trina's canvas for her art."                                                                 

Theresa Linehan, SNDdeN, MA, MSN
Executive Assistant, spiritual director, program/marketing 
coordinator, educator, nurse practitioner, with a background 
in administration. Certified in Diabetes Care/Education, Healing 
Touch and Clinical Aromatherapy. Ministered in California in 
education, nursing and outreach to the agricultural workers in
 the area of Diabetes. Of Mohican heritage, Theresa enjoys 
drum-making, native crafts and is committed to living 
consciously for Earth's sustainability.

Barbara Fava, OP, MA
Guest preparation, Dominican Sister of Peace, 
MA in Theology, MA in History, experienced 
in Education, Pastoral Ministry, campus ministry, 
Outreach programs (social and human services) 
ecological and environmental committees. 
Barbara helps with guest preparation and 
on-going needs, recycling and the gardening project. 
She enjoys golfing and has great interest in Eco-Spirituality.

Marcia Wilson, BA, RN
Marce is a pediatric nurse and certified Healing Touch 
practitioner who gives time out of her schedule to come 
from Canada and be part of the mission of Springbank 
for four plus months of each year. Her love of the 
outdoors and her skills in building and grounds enhances 
and beautifies the Springbank grounds. Her commitment 
to healing contributes to the well-being of participants 
and the natural world.

If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation