Presenters & Staff 2013

If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.
 Pope Benedict XVI

  Presenters & Springbank Team

Cindy Barkei RN BSN
Certified Healing Touch practitioner and Holistic Nurse who has practiced in the area of nursing within traditional medicine for more than 30 years and now integrates complementary/alternative healing into her nursing practice.

Brenda Bassin, C.R., C.C.H.
Certified Reflexologist, Certified Chinese Herbologist
Studied at the Open Center in New York City, the oldest holistic healing center in the United States.
Her ministry is to teach people how to bring natural healing into their lives.

Dennis Bassin, B.A., M.Ed
Biology and Chemistry, NYU M.Ed., Science Teaching, Ga SW State U. Ed.S., School District Admin., USC-Columbia 40 years experience as an educator, including administrator of a large high school in NYC Currently teaching Astronomy (including Cosmology), Human Biology, and Environmental Science for the Limestone College Extended Campus Program in Florence and Kingstree, South Carolina.

Betsy Bowman EdD
Educator for 20 years, 25 years' experience, drug/alcohol recovery. Betsy has been mentored by Native elders on her spiritual journey and leads 12-Step retreats.

Martha Cole

Cerantha Corley
A Native American-style flute player, writer, and painter. Playing the flute helped Cerantha regain her health following a virus attach on her heart. She shares the power of the flute wherever she can.

Barbara Fiand, SNDdeN
Author, lecturer, has written extensively on religious life and spirituality, including In the Stillness You Will Know and From Religion Back to Faith.

Dot Goodwin
Full-time visual artist for twenty-five years, member of the oldest studio/gallery in S.C. and is the director of art for the downtown Camden Guild.  Dot facilitates monthly prayer circles and carries the medicine of the drum.

Marya Grathwohl OSF
Author, lecturer, Earth minister, retreat director, has degrees in Creation Spirituality, Philosophy, Cosmology, and Earth literacy. Â Marya currently lives at San Benito Monastery in Dayton, Wyoming.

LeeOra Haring
BA, MA. An educator for 25 years, the last ten teaching earth and environmental science. The learning that my students and I shared and their enthusiasm began, for me, a love affair with Gaia that continues. I love to share that knowledge and my passion for our earth.  

Jason Hebal NCLMBT 
Massage therapist and certified meditation instructor through the North Carolina School of Natural Healing. He has sat in community and participated in ceremonies through the Earth Green Medicine Lodge for over 13 years and brings teachings from the Cherokee beauty path on how to be in balance with ourselves and the Earth as sacred human beings. He shares meditation tools to deepen our relationship with life's journey.

Margie Hosch OSF
Has provided marriage and family counseling for the past 20 years and authored and directs the Wholeness/ Holiness Retreat.  Margie conducts days and weekends of renewal for Christian Women's groups.

Wendy Kraus MS CAS
Psychotherapist specializing in addictions and healing trauma. She is a long-time friend of Springbank and has received spiritual direction from elders on the (Native) Red Road. Wendy assists Grandmother June Perry with many of her educational and spiritual presentations.

Justina Lasley MA
A leading dream specialist who enjoys working with individuals and groups to unlock the wisdom of their unconscious.  Justina is internationally recognized as a leader of individual and group work, a lecturer and qualitative researcher.

Todd LeVasseur, Ph.D
in Comparative Religion, with an emphasis on religion and nature/ecology, and an M.Sc. in Human Ecology. He studies and teaches about human-nature interactions, focusing on the intersection of cultural and institutional and personal values, ethics, and practices, and how these shape and are shaped by the natural world.

Louise McCormick RN MS 
Co-founder and president of the McCormick Green Center for Holistic Therapies, is certified in herbal, aroma, cranio-sacral, and Thai massage therapies.

Carolyn McDade
Committed to the power of human voice singing and speaking truth to move society to transformation and to deepen human consciousness of ourselves as part of Earth community.  Carolyn’s songs empower personal integrity, social vision, and planetary wholeness.

Kathy McGrogan MA
With a master’s degree in counseling and an undergraduate degree in fine arts has been deeply interested in Native American spiritual practices and has led 12-Step Retreats for women and men for the past seven years.

Grandmother June Perry
Elder, teacher, storyteller, artist, and drummaker who travels across the country sharing her Native wisdom, culture, and spirituality.  Grandmother June leads ceremonies in both the Lakota and Cherokee traditions.

Pepper Sarnoff MA MS
Licensed professional marriage and family therapist, an educator, a facilitator for the Well-Springs program, and a founding member of Lifedance. Pepper brings her experience in the expressive arts and interactive creativity to groups she facilitates.

Linda Szocik SSJ-TOSF
Family Nurse Practitioner and spiritual director who leads retreats on the contemplative art of basket-making.

Faye Townsend BA LMT
Licensed massage therapist, body-worker, founder and co-director of the Massage Therapy program in Florence, SC.  Faye, with a background in music, has participated as a facilitator in the Well-Springs workshops over the last 12 years. 

Christopher Marie Wagner OSF MFA
Art Instructor for 30 years.  Chris restores stained-glass windows and is dedicated to the study of iconography in the Russian style

Springbank Team

Trina McCormick, OP
Executive Director, MFA, artist, spiritual director, licensed massage therapist. Trina has been committed to retreat work and native spirituality for more than 30 years and has developed the ecological initiative at Springbank.

Theresa Linehan, SNDdeN
Administrative Assistant, Program/Marketing Coordinator, MA MSN, Nurse Practitioner, with a background in administration. Certified in Diabetes Care/Education, Healing Touch and Clinical Aromatherapy. Of Mohican heritage, enjoys native crafts and drum-making; and, is committed to living consciously for Earth's sustainability.

Margaret Welch

Sherri Floyd

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