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Rev. Jim Conlon PhD

                                                                Former Director and Professor of spirituality, Holy Name                                                                 University, Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality, Oakland, CA.
                                                                Jim was presented the 2013 Thomas Berry Award by Mary Evelyn                                                                 Tucker, senior lecturer and senior research scholar at Yale University                                                                 and trustee of the Thomas Berry Foundation. This award was initiated                                                                 in 1999 to recognize those instrumental in carrying on the work and                                                                     legacy of Thomas Berry. This award honored Conlon’s more than                                                                        two decades of leadership as director of Holy Names University 
                                                               Sophia  Center. Visit Jim online at

Cerantha Corley
A Native-American-style flute player, writer and painter. 
Learning and playing the flute helped Cerantha regain 
her health following a virus attack on her heart. 
She shares the power of the flute wherever she can.

Richard B. Guess MEd
Executive Director of a community mental health center, 
a native South Carolinian with 25 years of experience 
in the field of human services. Former Springbank Board member.
Being of Cherokee heritage, Richard brings a deep respect for all life. 

                                                                Theresa Linehan, SNDdeN, MA, MSN
                                                                is educator, nurse practitioner, Certified in Diabetes Care/Education,                                                                 Healing Touch and Clinical Aromatherapy practitioner. Former                                                                 Springbank Team member, Fall 2011 - Summer 2020. Ministered in                                                                 California in education, nursing and outreach to the agricultural                                                                 workers in the area of Diabetes. Theresa is of Mohican heritage;                                                                 Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohicans, reservation in Wisconsin.                                                                 Theresa enjoys drum-making, native/leather crafts and is committed to                                                                 living consciously for Earth's sustainability

Miriam MacGillis OP 
Co-founder of Genesis Farm where she teaches and practices 
biodynamic methods of agriculture, which are in tune with the
 natural rhythms of Earth. Miriam teaches and coordinates 
programs on the work of Thomas Berry and the New Cosmology

Diarmuid O'Murchu, 

                                                      A member of the Sacred Heart Missionary Order, and a                                                     graduate of Trinity College, Dublin Ireland, is a social                                                        psychologist most of whose working life has been in                                                                         social ministry, as a couple's counsellor, in bereavement                                                        work, AIDS-HIV counselling, and, in more recent times,                                                                   with homeless people and refugees. As a workshop leader                                                                 and group facilitator he has worked in Europe, USA,                                                        Canada, Australia, The Philippines, Thailand, India, Peru                                                        and in several African countries, facilitating programmes                                                         on Adult Faith Development. His best known books                                                         include Quantum Theology (1996 - revised in 2004),                                                        Ancestral Grace (2008), and others. He now lives in                                                                           Dublin,  Ireland.

Linda Szocik SSJ-TOSF
Family Nurse Practitioner and spiritual director 
who leads retreats on the contemplative art of basket-making.

​                                                                            Christopher Marie Wagner OSF MFA

                                                                             Art Instructor for 30 years. Chris restores 
                                                                             stained-glass windows  and is dedicated to 
                                                                             the study of iconographing the Russian style

​Certified Yoga Instructor
Joe Vinciguerra is a passionate truth seeker and 
a lover of yoga, learning, technology, blogging, 
biking and Italian culture. A native of New York, 
Joe’s journey on the mat began in 2012, taking his 
first yoga class in Manhattan, NY. 
Joe quickly discovered the benefits of mind and 
body connection, and took his own practice to 
different yoga studios around the city and down 
the east coast of the states. He studied with 
numerous instructors including Tao-Porchon-Lynch, 
who at 100 years old has over 70 years of teaching 
experience and is recognized as the world’s oldest yoga instructor.

After becoming more interested in the ancient path of yoga, Joe flew to the birthplace of yoga,Dharamshala in India, looking to deepen his practice and knowledge of yoga. In Dharamshala, he studied the yoga asanas, meditation, philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, teaching methods and received his 200 hours level training. Joe is a licensed Broga Yoga Instructor after completing his training in Brooklyn, NY and also holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in New Media from SUNY Purchase College. In August 2014 Joe moved to Charleston, SC and is involved in the yoga community there, thriving on instructing students of all levels.

Springbank  Retreat Team

Trina McCormick, OP, MFA   

                                                                Executive Director, artist, spiritual director, licensed massage                                                                 therapist. Trina has been committed to retreat work and native                                                                 spirituality and rituals for more than 30 years and has developed the                                                                 ecological initiative at Springbank. As Jim Conlon states,                                                                                    "Springbank is Trina's canvas for her art."                                                                 

Anita Braganza, IBVM​

                                                         A member of the Loreto sisters of the Province of S.Asia. Anita                                                                 Braganza joined the Staff at Springbank with her experience as                                                                 Province Leader, Formator, High School Principal and work with                                                                 University, High school students and children living on the streets of                                                                 Kolkata, India. Anita has an MA in English Literature from Jadavpur                                                                 University,India, MS in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University,                                                                 Maryland and a Licentiate in the piano from the Trinity College of                                                                 Music, London. As Assistant Executive Director, Anita brings her love                                                                 for the message and mission of Springbank to her ministry, assisting                                                                 the Director in the planning and implementation of programs, Office                                                                 administration as well as bringing music to life at Springbank

Jim Conlon, PhD

Former Director and Professor of spirituality, 
Holy Name University, Sophia Center in 
Culture and Spirituality, Oakland, CA.
Jim was presented the 2013 Thomas Berry Award 
by Mary Evelyn Tucker, senior lecturer and senior 
research scholar at Yale University and trustee of the 
Thomas Berry Foundation. This award was initiated 
  in 1999 to recognize those instrumental in carrying 
on the work and legacy of Thomas Berry. 
This award honored Conlon’s more than two decades
 of leadership as director of Holy Names University 
Sophia Center. Visit Jim online at

Doreen Cloutier, CSC

                                                         Sister of Holy Cross, BA in Special Education and Psychology, 
                                                         Doreen has spent 30 years as a foreign missionary both in Mali, 
                                                         West Africa and Haiti. An accomplished educator, she has accompanied                                                               women and youth from varied cultures and backgrounds through school                                                               administration, parish, youth, campus ministry, and community leadership.                                                           Doreen brings her rich experience and creativity, deep appreciation for                                                                 indigenous wisdom, love and respect for the beauty and abundance of                                                                   Earth’s Gifts and her passion for justice to the team here at Springbank.                                                               Helping wherever there is a need, she is responsible for the healthy, 
                                                         well-balanced, eco-friendly meals served on the campus

Barbara Fava, OP 

Dominican Sister of Peace, 
MA in Theology, MA in History, experienced 
in Education, Pastoral Ministry, campus ministry, 
Outreach programs (social and human services) 
ecological and environmental committees. 
Barbara helps with guest preparation and 
on-going needs, recycling and the gardening project. 
She enjoys golfing and has great interest in Eco-Spirituality.

Marcia Wilson, BA, RN

Marce is a pediatric nurse and certified Healing Touch 
practitioner who gives time out of her schedule to come 
from Canada and be part of the mission of Springbank 
for four plus months of each year. Her love of the 
outdoors and her skills in building and grounds enhances 
and beautifies the Springbank grounds. Her commitment 
to healing contributes to the well-being of participants 
and the natural world.

Virgie Finch
If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation