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Sabbatical Dates 

Fall: September 15 -  December 8, 2021

Spring: February 9 - May 4, 2021 

Springbank offers four, eight, and twelve week sabbatical programs designed to provide a healing and supportive environment for those in transition, those in need of spiritual and physical renewal, and those seeking new ways of being in relationship and ritual with Earth, self, and all beings. Encounter new sources of hope and a deepening of your spiritual journey in an atmosphere anchored in simplicity and love of Earth contributing to the transformation of human consciousness.

Rest the bodyRenew the spirit, and Refresh the mind in surroundings conducive to quiet prayer and contemplative solitude, balanced with opportunity for intentional community. The Sabbatical Program affords ample time for personal rest, recreation, and creative pursuits. Included in the cost is the invitation to share in the spiritual richness of all of the retreat program offerings during your time of sabbatical.

The full twelve-week Sabbatical Program encompasses all areas described below. Spiritual direction, massage, and healing body work are available for participants upon request. Please call or write to discuss your personal program needs or for further information. Springbank Programs focus on the healing, nourishment and empowerment of women.

The Sabbatical program invites a deeper commitment to more sustainable living, welcoming the new emerging consciousness. Participants will be steeped in works of Thomas Berry CP, Miriam MacGillis OP, Brian Swimme, Richard Rohr OSF, Rev. Jim Conlon, Mary Evelyn Tucker. 

Sabbatical Schedule
Most programs are presented in morning and afternoon sessions. Schedules allow time to walk, rest, continue working with clay, basketry, or watercolors, receive healing body work, or meet with a mentor or spiritual director.  Free time is scheduled so participants can visit the beautiful beaches, sculpture and flower gardens, and explore historic Charleston.

Sabbatical participants
Please send a brief statement about yourself and your reasons for taking a sabbatical, along with a professional, ministerial or congregational leadership letter of recommendation.

Spirituality - Self Discovery

SACRED SCRIPTURE - Liturgy and ritual (with a feminine perspective), centered in the Word, are an integral part of the Sabbatical program. 

ECO-SPIRITUALITY - A spirituality rooted in the sacredness of Earth, calling us to be conscious caretakers, to help restore the fragile web of life.

NATIVE WISDOM - Share the ancient wisdom of our Native sisters and brothers, create Native crafts and drums and experience Prayer Lodge and Spirit Quest. 

T’AI CHI CHIH © created by Justin Stone - is based upon an ancient Chinese form of movement and breathing. It is a form of meditation and a method of mind-body-spirit healing and balancing.

DEEPENING OUR SENSE OF ECOLOGICAL BELONGING - experience the wonder and beauty of Springbank's 80 acres of trees, wetlands and wildlife in an experiential and participatory process. Relearn inborn, natural language and intelligence in Nature.

 Art as Soulwork

POTTERY - Clay vessels are hand-built, polished with smooth stones and given variations of color through an outdoor sawdust firing. 

BASKETRY - Through the process of weaving and twining, participants will create several fiber baskets. 

PAINTING - Experience the delight of color! Let color free your inner creative self.

NATIVE CRAFTS - Reflecting on Native traditions and teachings, sacred objects for ceremony and healing will be handcrafted (drum-making optional).

WELL-SPRINGS - This process of healing uses music, movement, chalk, clay and journaling.

HEALING REMEDIES - Discover our relationship with the medicinal plant world, experience healing touch and other holistic modalities.

12 weeks        $7500
8 weeks          $5700 
4 weeks          $2900
Registration Fee    $350  (non-refundable)
General Art Fee $120
Healing Massage (1 1/2 hours)- $70
Healing Touch $50

Springbank has a no-refund policy concerning early withdrawal from programs or late arrival.
All fees subject to change.


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